Do we need a license or permit to pour & serve wine at in-home events?

No, you do not need a license or permit for in-home or in-office events. If/When participating at public events an ABC license may be required.  An ABC event permit is not required if ALL of the following are true. 

  • The event is private, i.e a bona fide guest list restricts access to invited guests ONLY 
  • The host is providing all of the alcohol 
  • All drinks are complimentary, i.e. hosted bar 
  • There is no admission cost for the event, i.e. no ticket price, donation or door charge 
  • The event venue does not require an ABC permit

If an event requires an ABC license then, unfortunately, you will not able to pour tastings at the event. It is possible to turn that event into a booking and recruiting event to help build your business. 

Please contact for more detailed guidelines.

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